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What We Do

Under the PRA Foundation, "Pinnacle Recreation Academy" has been working for children with disabilities for the last 12 years. Dr.Prajakta Mangesh Kolpkar is the founder of this institute. She left his favorite field of writing, drama, theater, and worked in this field. "Laid the foundation GARGIS FUN WORLD which is ready to give children the rights they deserve in a lifetime." She also became an integral part of day care, special needs children as normal.


Then gradually it was realized that these children grow up very well with one another. Nothing is hindering their friendship or growth. We have special children's schools here for up to 17 years of age.Unhappy with this idea, Dr. Prajakta decided to set up a new center for the special's, and from it came the birth of the "Pinnacle Recreation Academy". It was a difficult battle to accept these children as a human being.    Pinnacle Recreation Academy has all kinds of special children.


All types of spastic , autistic, CP, slow learner, and also from age 5 to age 55. They are constantly striving to do what they like.Everything is done here to bring happiness to their lives. For example, learning songs for those who love song, who have some art in their hands .. Finding them like painting, pottery, sewing and helping them to do so. Some are fond of cooking, while others are allowed to play some instruments.Dr. Prajakta believes that these children can be treated differently from the routine work done without using any medical therapy, and likewise, these tasks are performed by these children.


Pinnacle Recreation Academy is not a day care but a home of their own, where Dr. Prajakta stands out with the intention that children should live in rights, have fun, dance and do whatever they want to sing and live happily.No maid no head works here.Donations of all kinds of clothes are taken here under the PRA Foundation. Some of these garments are donated and sold to the needy, even the little children's clothes are distributed free in the slum as "Balant Wida". Some garments are made from children, this year the production of peanut ladoo has also started.

The PRA Foundation's main purpose is not to correct these children, but to encourage these children to carry on their lives for the rest of their lives.And so the emphasis is on making these children physically self-reliant by emphasizing water therapy, music therapy, so that these children will not be a burden to anyone.   Dr. Prajakta wishes for these children to have such a home of their own, that is, "Pinnacle Recreation Academy" and that is how it should be known. Wishing their unprecedented work trivial ..... and best wishes for her next walk ... !!!